Awkward Movements on NTS 16/4/2012

Unfortunately due to some technical issues there’s no recorded archive for Monday’s NTS show, but as we had a blast and busted through some of our favourite records we thought we’d get the tracklist up anyhow. Out to all who locked, big ups and thanks for listening.

Kamikaze will be fully repaired for the next show, and now that we’re going every other week that’ll be broadcast 30th of this month.

Playlist for 16/4/2012

Andy Blake – CP3Y [Cave Paintings]
Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir (Da Sampla) – GJ [Wild Oats]
Trackmasta Lou – To Day Is A Good Day (The Analogue Cops remix) [Tabernacle Records]
Jeff Mills – Human Product [Axis Records]
Ugandan Methods – Beneath The Black Arch [Ancient Methods]
Myown – Vesna [Left Blank]
NHK’Koyxeи – 476 [Pan]
Kink Gong – Xinjiang (excerpt side A) [Discrepant]
Vatican Shadow – Cairo Sword Unsheathed [Blackest Ever Black]
Head Boggle – Big Box Of Evil [Spectrum Spools]
Street and Gangland Rhythms – The Fox [Smithsonian Folkways]
Tom Richards – Twisted Spork [We Can Elude Control]
Actress – Marble Plexus [Honest Jon’s]
Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland – 10 [Hyperdub]
Andrew Pekler – Wichita Forever [Dekorda]
Traxman – Footworkin On Air [Planet Mu]
King Felix – Spring 03 [Liberation Technologies]
Battlesnake – The Cheshire Cat [White]
Alkibar Gignor – Tamala [Mississippi Records]
Red Rack’em – Alone Always [Bergerac]
Daphne Oram – Tumblewash [Young Americans]
Zum Goldenen Schwarm – Die Wolke [Giegling]
I:Cube – Transpiration [Versatile Records]
Plug – Run [Ninja Tune]
Steinvord – Cyg X-1 [Rephlex]
Reggie Dokes – Make Believe [Cinematic Recordings]
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Issue Generator (For Eliane Radigue) (excerpt) [Editions Mego]
Luke Hess – Unity Excerpt [FXHE Records]
Hieroglyphic Being – Shikaakwa [Sounds Of The Universe]