Awkward Movements on NTS – 16.4.16

Last week’s Awkward Movement show on NTS has just gone up on archive; full track list and stream below, get in touch for the download. Out to everyone locked in, got to play some quality records that we’ve been digging of late.

You may have seen us gushing over Dan Melchior of late, who kicks things off with a track from Dan Melchior Plays The Greys. We were also pretty stoked to drop in the new Inventing Masks aka Giuseppe Ielasi as well as new bits from eMMplekz, Kyoka (pictured above) and Low Jack on Modern Love, all of which are worth checking out in their respective physical formats.

Loads more heat including a bomb of quality funky, footwork, house, and techno in the back part of the show and some dope pieces from Teishi-1 and An Trinse and First Transmission.

Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze back in a fortnight’s time, lock in live on NTS as always or watch this space for the upload.

Dan Melchior – Railway Train [Ever/Never]
Babyfather – Stealthv [Hyperdub]
Inventing Masks – 3’34” [Error Broadcast]
Don’t DJ – Gammellan [Berceuse Heroique]
Konono Nº1 – Um Nzonzing [Crammed Discs]
Ikpathua – !!2.355 [Bokhari Records]
Matthew Collings – Cincinnatus [Denovali Records]
Simon12345 & The Lazer twins – ∆ [Holger]
Best Available Technology – Alkahest [Working Nights]
eMMplekz – Guetta Life [Mordant Music]
Low Jack – Solidor Joint [Modern Love]
Orson Hentschel – Shirari [Denovali Records]
Le Révélateur – Fakeaway Haptics [Dekorder]
Glenn Kotche & Sō Percussion – Drumkit Quartet No. 1 [Cantaloupe]
Kyoka – Hovering [Raster-Noton]
Sully – Bronze [Black Acre]
Hex – Exotica [Liberation Technologies]
PHORK – Boring Pool Party Bouncer [Time No Place]
Teishi-1 – Wolf []
Metrist – Petrol Arses [Black Opal]
Ricardo Donoso – Gallicinum (Spaces Remix) [Denovali Records]
DJ Overdose – 05 Poly 800 Loop [Dalmata Daniel]
Arttu – Rave Dogz [Clone Jack For Daze]
An Trinse and First Transmission – ???? [??????]
Norin – Påfågeln [Posh Isolation]