Awkward Movements on NTS – 15.10.16 – Discrepant Records Special

There’s no doubt Discrepant has been one of our favourite label over the years, and hence the tribute show was long overdue. Last week’s Awkward Movements Show on NTS was two hours dedicated to a catalogue that’s constantly blown us away with it’s originality and breaking sounds.

Paul Ackroyd goes through the catalogue since it’s inception in 2011, playing a load of rarer bits from the early cassette releases alongside the essential listening ones that continue to blow new fans away.

Label boss Gonzo features of course alongside the likes of Kink Gong, El Mahdy Jr. and Mike Cooper who’re three artists from the Discrepant catalogue who’ve hit our yearly ‘Best Of’ lists. I don’t even want to imagine a world where I never got to hear Xinjiang.

Stream below with full track list, get in touch for the download.

Gonzo – Samboia Kanguik (excerpt) [Discrepant]
Gonzo – Ses (excerpt) [Discrepant]
Gonzo – Ruidos (excerpt) [Discrepant]
Gonzo – Ark Eulogy (excerpt) [Discrepant]
Yannick Dauby – Tsit Lau Tsui (excerpt) [Discrepant]
Mike Cooper – Oraneus [Discrepant]
Tiago Sousa – A Conquista Do Pao [Discrepant]
The Dead Mauriacs – Cocktails Pour La Fin Des Temps (excerpt) [Discrepant]
German Army – Tragic Life [Discrepant]
Old Komm – Ventspils Theme 1st Movement [Discrepant]
El Mahdy Jr – Ghost Tapes (excerpt) [Discrepant]
Mutamassik – Long Beards [Discrepant]
Rizan Sa’id – Electric Mawwal II [Discrepant]
Malayeen – Dina [Discrepant]
Charbel Haber – Last Evenings On Earth [Discrepant]
Johnny Kafta’s Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra – BBQ In Karantina [Discrepant]
Kink Gong – The Lisu (excerpt) [Discrepant]
Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor – Vamvakaris [Discrepant]
Gonçalo F Cardoso & Ruben Pater – A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics (excerpt) [Discrepant]
Romperayo – Dando Vueltas En Ovni [Discrepant]
Hair & Treasure – Juno Lake Loop Pt 1 [Discrepant]
Gonzo – Irae (excerpt) [Discrepant]