Awkward Movements on NTS – 14.5.16

Archive from the weekend’s show now up with full track list; stream below or get in touch for the download. Out to everybody locked in, hope you dug the show as much as I enjoyed playing records for it.

Kicked it off dubwise with Hidden Operator on the stunning Kings Chamber label, an Ital Mick 12″ and Elite Beat, before moving in beats territory. Got round to dropping in a cut from the incredible Brassfoot EP on Apron Records, Secret Circuit and one of Paul’s favourite new discoveries Al Dobson Jr.  before taking it back down in the vein of an epic ten minute joint from Red Stars Over Tokyo.

Andy Stott, The British Space Group, Bibio and Lone were among those that brought us back to club land, before we went back to the leftfield techno. Proper stoked to end the show on a forthcoming piece from Tadd Mullinix aka Dabrye aka James T. Cotton under his JTC alias. There’s two LPs out this year from the man, and we got to play something from the forthcoming plate on Bopside Records. Big tune.

Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze back in session in a fortnight’s time, make sure you get locked.

Hidden Operator – Horns of the Phantom [Kings Chamber]
Ital Mick – Dub Ways [System Music]
Elite Beat – Budget Dancehall [Boomarm Nation]
Blackhill Transmitter – Recovery [FSOL Digital Recordings]
Carlos NiƱo & Friends – It’s All Happening! (ft. Madlib, Jamire Williams & Dexter Story, with strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) [Stones Throw]
Virtual Flannel – Looking Out The Window [Gohan Tapes]
Herrmutt Lobby – Foil Helmet [Detroit Underground]
Brassfoot – Lost In The Sauce [Apron Records]
DJ Overdose & OB Ignitt – Sorry To Disappoint (OB Ignitt Remix) [Berceuse Heroique]
Secret Circuit – Rhythmatic Generator [Invisible, Inc.]
Al Dobson Jr – Drum Sounds Pt.4 – Africana Salon [Rhythm Section International]
Nickolas Mohanna – Multiple Body [Preservation]
RSS B0YS – M0NKYY BL00D [AltaNova Press]
Red Stars Over Tokyo – Burning Houses [Testtoon Records]
The British Space Group – An Unearthly Decade [Quiet World]
O’Flynn – Oberyn [Blip Discs]
Andy Stott – Selfish [Modern Love]
Bibio – Heath Town [Warp]
Lone – Backtail Was Heavy [R&S]
Tim Reaper – Grapefruit I [Dublinquents]
Sculpture – Side Effect [Tapebox]
DJ Rashad & DJ Taye – Get You Burnt [Teklife]
Unit Moebius – The Groove [Bunker Records]
Akabu – Akabu Theme (Raw Dub) [On-U Sound]
Not Waving – Tuvu On The Floor [???????]
Matthew Bourne – Sam [Leaf]
JTC – Blitz Puff (High Position Mix) [Bopside]