Awkward Movements on NTS – 10.12.16

What? It’s almost holidays, we’re allowed to archive late.

Awkward Movements on NTS from earlier in the month here, with full track list below. Starting with 20 minutes drone it was longcore from the start, which is the name generally given to tracks we like but are shelved till end of the year because they’re too long.

Both of the recent Seekersinternational releases appear once again, nice to hear Side B of InnaDancehallStyleShowdown in it’s entirety on radio as it was meant to be heard. One of two new Ras G plates that dropped features heavily towards the end, three tracks from Baker’s Dozen on Fat Beats. Rrose, Grischa Lichtenberg (pictured above) and some African Head Charge are throw in there too for good measure along the way among others.

Big ups Paul for closing out a stunning year of radio. It’s yours truly back on this weekend, and I promise no crappy ‘Christmas’ or ‘end of year’ specials, just tunes from the (metaphorical) crate.

Goncalo F Cardoso & Ruben Pater – The Life Of A 21st Century Drone Machine [Discrepant]
Demdike Stare – Hardnoise [Modern Love]
Porter Ricks – Shadow Boat [Tresor]
Rrose – Specimen 2 [Infrastructure New York]
Keita Sano – Sucker Part 2 [Rett I Fletta]
African Head Charge – Slippery Heel [On U Sound]
Demdike Stare – Sourcer [Modern Love]
SeekersInternational – RaggaPreservationSociety [Diskotopia]
SeekersInternational Meets MX7 – InnaDancehallShowdown (Side B) [ICS]
Rashad Becker – Dances VII [Pan]
German Army & Old Komm – Abuna/The Freak Of Algiers [Discrepant]
Peder Mannerfelt – Perspectives [Peder Mannerfelt]
Grischa Liechtenberger – 004_241 B [Raster-Noton]
Ras G – Britt Britt [Fat Beats]
Ras G – Hella Cousins [Fat Beats]
Ras G – King Douglas [Fat Beats]