Awkward Movements on FBi Radio ‘Liquid Electric’ – 23.5.14

Stepped back in to the studios at FBi Radio last week, taking over Liquid Electric for one night in Andy Maxam’s absence. As I’ve said a million times before, FBi Radio is where everything started for me, producing breakfast before stepping on to my own show every Wednesday night.

Going back there is like a pilgrimage home each time.

Had some fun in the studio, flying solo, playing a load of new bits and older favorites. Kyle Hall’s new Hyperdub plate kicked it off for us along with something from the new from the ever-good Traxman, which soon made way for some older Afrikan Sciences and some forthcoming joy from our friends at Full Fridge Music from Mock The Zuma. Full track list below, but you get the vibe.

Coming in at around the seven minute mark, the levels really get proper around half-hour, had no sense of mic volume throughout unfortunately, gave the intern the night off.

Also worth mentioning really special dropped in from our man Raynulds who gave us an exclusive (talked over and cut short) from a track he’s been working on with Pearson Sound titled ‘Clutchkimo‘, big big tune, thrown in around the 90 minute mark.

To avoid legal issues, hit me up for the download, or you can easily stream the show here here:

Kyle Hall – Take Me Away [Hyperdub]
Traxman – I Wanna Be High [Planet Mu]
African Sciences – Go Speed [Deepblak]
Mock The Zuma – Yonke Sounds [Full Fridge Music]
Muslimgauze – Jai Jai Ram And Harmonium [Staalplaat]
Kahn & Neek – Backchat [Hotline]
Unknown / Hate – Pretty Boys Don’t Survive Up North [Hate]
D/P/I – 0CR [Leaving Records]
Copeland – Fit 1 [Self Released]
Sub Luna City – Weed and Warfare []
Antoje – Juniper2K14 [Fuzzoscope]
Powell – Maniac (feat. Russell Haswell) [Diagonal]
Nochexxx – Rinse Dreams [Ramp Recordings]
Kyoka – Meander [Raster-Noton]
Bass Clef – Strings Of Death [Magic + Dreams]
Quirke – Break A Mirrored Leg [Young Turks]
Raynulds – Pearson Sound vs Wiley – Clutchkimo [Unreleased]
Hal Incandenza – Wax vs_Maze [Unreleased]
Illum Sphere – Embryonic (Lone Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Unknown Artist – Royal Rave [Red7]
Martyn +Four Ter – Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub) [Ninja Tune]