Awkward Movements NTS Show 9.7.12

We’ve always been partial to longer tracks that don’t get a lot of radio play due to their length, and in the spirit of longcore Paul managed to bust through 13 tracks of dope electronic goodness across the two hour NTS show. Proper stunning offering this one. The next show will be going out Monday 23rd, get locked.

All dance/electronic/experimental in this edition. A couple of ace new Pan bits in the shape of the superb Helm LP, and the new electronic supergroup comprising Mika Vainio, Kevin Drumm, Lucio Capece, and Axel Dorner; a long-awaited new single from Function; a new EP from Vladislav Delay; the Mary Velo track from the crackin’ Frozen Border double 12″ pack; Szare on Horizontal Ground; one from the Shifted LP; a belter from the new Moritz Von Oswald Trio plate; Planetary Assault Systems remixing O [Phase]; Bookworms on LIES; some Untold; a little Muslimgauze; and something pretty special from the Loren Nerell reissue on Forced Nostalgia. Best avoided if you don’t like electronic bits I reckon…

Function – Obsessed [Echocord Colour]
Shifted – Coax [Mote]
Vladislav Delay – Olari [Raster Noton]
Szare – Untitled [Horizontal Ground]
Loren Nerell – Growth [Forced Nostalgia]
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Club [Honest Jon’s]
Helm – Liskojen Yo [Pan]
Mika Vainio, Kevin Drumm, Lucio Capece, Axel Dorner – Venexia ii [Pan]
Planetary Assault Systems – Binary Opposition (Remix of 0 [Phase])[Token]
Muslimgauze – Chaikhana [Staalplaat]
Mary Velo – Retune [Frozen Border]
Untold – Caslon [Hemlock]
Bookworms – African Rhythms [L.I.E.S.]