NTS Awkward Movements Show – 4.3.13 – 18.3.13

Playing a bit of catch-up here, finally getting the March archive together just as the first of the April offering is about to go out live. Two shows here both from March, with Paul Ackroyd holding down 4/3 (scroll straight to the bottom for that) and Keith P in session for two hours 18/3.

Paul’s going live from NTS studios in Dalston in a couple of hours, two hours of quality new tunes selected and sewn together, 2-4pm on http://www.nts.live. For those that can’t lock the show will be up for download and replay with track listing and all later in the week (ie we promise to never leave it this late again).

The Awkward Movements show on NTS, where we somehow managed to squeeze almost 30 tracks in to the two hour session. Morphine Records have been killing it lately especially on the last drop from Metasplice that opens up the show, and the same can be said for the track that follows it from Red Math on the ever-good Further Records label. Other bits from Andrew Pekler, Prostitutes on Digitalis, stunning new stuff Pete Swanson, Unit Moebius Anonymous, Maxmillion Dunbar and loads more. A slight obsession with cassette releases continues with Basic House on Opal Tapes and Bear Bones, Lay Low, and we need to give special shouts to the incredible Cooper-Moore who’s retrospective box set of 7″ wax I’ve only just discovered and have practically worn down.

Hope you dig.

Metasplice – Decant [Morphine Records]
Red Math – Deflector 2 [Further Records]
Qluster – Thalia [Bureau B]
Ekoplekz – Brief Encounter [Sex Lies Magnetic Tape]
Basic House – Etymology Of [Opal Tapes]
Andrew Pekler – Seascape / Ship [Senufo Editions]
Bee Mask – Fried Niteshades [Spectrum Spools]
Brute Heart – Irrenanstalt [Moon Glyph]
Untitled – Track 01 (Taken Off Of Untitled 10) [Untitled]
Prostitutes – Jungle Wine [Digitalis]
Cooper-Moore – Emancipation [50 Miles Of Elbow Room]
Ray Cathode – Waltz in Orbit (Remastered) [Trunk Records]
Andrew Deutsch – Untitled 2 (taken off of Rains Raga)
Pete Swanson – Grounds for Arrest [Software]
T.E.A.M.S. – Animal Town (Burnout) [http://teeeams.bandcamp.com]
kuxxan SUUM – BK Klang [Styles Along Styles]
Unit Moebius Annonymus – B3 (taken off Perambulator Two – CHANS003) [Chan Records]
Cherrystones – Moon Stone [Brutal Music]
Bourbon Family -The Ghetto [Light Sounds Dark]
Three Legged Race – Budgeting Air [Spectrum Spools]
Hassle Hound – Rising Superbikes [Pickled Egg Records]
J D Emmanuel – Deep Trance States [Aguirre]
Maxmillion Dunbar – Kangaroo [RVNG Intnl.]
Leven Signs – This Inner Space [Digitalis]
Bear Bones, Lay Low – Roswell Romance II [Full Of Nothing]
Kink Gong – Xinjiang Remix (excerpt) [PPT / Stembogen]
Call Super – Leosengor [Houndstooth]
Photodementia – Drux [Photodementia]


Awkward Movements show from NTS, 4th March 2013, featuring brand spanking new house and techno from L’estasi Dell’Oro, Terekke, Function, Watkins & Almadovar, and Blawan remixing Barker & Baumecker; some tasty 80s reissues from Leven Signs and In Trance 95; noise and orchestral drone from Mohammad and Howard Stelzer; disco edits from Muslim Disco Club and Cristobal El Molito; some Mexican field recordings from Aki Onda; some Chilean space rock from Follakzoid; new albums from Dva Damas, Original Low Fi, Muslimgauze and an audio excursion to Senegal.

Watkins & Almadovar – Untitled [Copicat Tracs]
Function – Modifier [Ost Gut Ton]
Muslim Disco Club – Osjecam [MME]
In Trance 95 – In God’s Heaven [Minimal Wave]
Dva Damas – Half Mask [Downwards America]
Terekke – Bank 3 [LIES]
Blawan – Crows (Remix of Barker & Baumecker) [Ost Gut Ton]
L’estasi Dell’Oro – Dichotomous Life [Flaneur Audio]
Leven Signs – This Inner Space [Digitalis]
Original Low Fi – Strange Blue [Totaldubproduction]
Mohammad – Lapli [Pan]
Howard Stelzer – Two Faces Toward The Sun [NNA]
Chorale Saint Joseph De Medina De Dakar – Djisal Yahve [Enregistrement Public]
Keno Diatta and Sone Mane – Dance Party [Lyrichord]
Douta Seck – Dagagne [Dust To Digital]
Muslimgauze – Arvinda Jewel Box [Staalplaat]
Cristobal El Molito – Can’t You See I’m Having A Rough Time [Red Motorbike]
Follakzoid – Rio [Sacred Bones]
Aki Onda – A Day Of Pilgrimage [Important]