Awkward Movements NTS Show – 3.9.12

Talk about a hard act to follow, two hours before the last Awkward Movements show was about to start Eddie “Flashin'” Fowlkes stepped in to the NTS Studio with Debi of Debonair, and delivered a top notch mix live. A pretty special event to be listening to, he smashed out blinding track after blinding track, keeping the flow and blending it all in. A proper legend who still plays out with the skills that he helped establish and get recognised. The archive of that isn’t up yet but we’ll be sure to get it up here once it lands. Big ups DJ Heart as well, the first cat in the above photo who was a Phonica regular who always picked up the day when he popped in.

Needless to say, we were happy for the show to start a bit late. Apologies to all those who we were getting played in the back part, but you can now check the full stream below, as it was originally meant to be heard on the day. New highlights from Ekoplekz, JT Stewart, Gobby and relative newcomer Gohan as well as some dope bits from Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes, Maxence Cyrin covering DJ Rolando and the stunningly dark JK Flesh. Stream or download the show at the bottom, hope you dig. Paul Ackroyd up next for 17.9, 2-4pm on NTS, get locked.

Walls – Into Our Midst (Capracara Remix) [Kompakt]
The Sun God – Molokan (Rhythm Edit) [Bio Rhythm]
Gobby – Seagate [UNO NYC]
Ron Morelli and D. Lee (Bad News) – More Bad News [L.I.E.S.]
Outer Space – 3332 [Blast First Petite]
Gohan – Radio Tripoli [Peur Bleue Records]
Maxence Cyrin – Jaguar [F Communications]
Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes – Wet Dreams [Black Acre]
Thought Broadcast – Anemic Session [Olde English Spelling Bee]
JT Stewart – Swfysu [Indische Buurt]
Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz) – Inside The Analogue Continuum [Editions Mego]
Andrew Pekler – Ex Tempo Ra [Plant Migration]
Mark Fell – SOA-3 [Editions Mego]
JK Flesh – Earthmover [3BY3]
Wicked Messenger – The Three-Eyed Fox [Plague Recordings]
Datacrashrobot – Multiplexer Delay [Pyramid Transmissions]
Atomâ„¢ & Tobias – Studie [Mule Musiq]
Cambo – Tentacles [Unreleased]
Golden Disko Ship – Electrocuting An Elephant (1902) [Wire]
Cut Hands – Black Mamba [Blackest Ever Black]
Kuwait Paragraph – Kiloviolet [Unreleased]
The Vision – Liquification [Tresor]
Hands Up (Appointment) – Talk Good [Hands Up]