Awkward Movements NTS Show – 29.10.12

Awkward Movements on NTS – now with more bleeps and bloops than ever before! Had mad fun with this show, finally got off a load of digital promos, CDs and forthcoming gifts that we unfortunately largely ignore when there’s new wax dropping in to the bag on a weekly basis. We should work on fixing this, as there was a load of heat that came through including highlights from NoMeansNo remixed by Miles, Nad Spiro, part three of Dambala Experience from Juno6, forthcoming Manual Gonzales on Don’t Be Afraid, new Chairman Kato an amazing piece from Tim Hecker teamed up with OPN as well as something really special from the new Poya Hatami collection. We even got a chance to drop in some early Australian punk, extended dark psyche and a track from one of my favourite albums of all time done by Tomahawk. Wax vibrations from Echologist, Tod Dockstader remixed by Mordant Music, Jan Jelinek and a whole load more that’s been blowing us away. Stream or download underneath the playlist below.

Paul Ackroyd stepping up for the next show, evidently going to be doing an Alive vs Dead special when the show rolls out next Monday, 12.10.12, 2-4pm. We don’t know what this means exactly, but no doubt it’s going to be quality, make sure you get locked.

NoMeansNo – Rags and Bones (Miles’s Enigma Wrapped in a Conundrum Redo) [?????]
Echologist – Buzz Factory (Pole Dub Mix) [Echochord Colour]
Juno6 – Dambala Experience 003-1 [Dambala Experience]
BEAK> – Spinning Top [Invada]
Ghédalia Tazartès – Novita [Von Records]
Nad Spiro- GbØrel [Geometrik]
Jan Jelinek – Dipper [Fatiche]
Tod Dockstader – Bellstomp/Pond Dance (Mordant Music reMMix) [Mordant Music]
Tomahawk – Harlem Clowns [Ipecac Recordings]
Primitive Calculators – Do The Icepick [Slow Drama]
Prince Sunarawma – Irene [Atelier Ciseaux]
joergmueller – Common Ground [ZeECc]
Pete Swanson – Pro Style [Type]
MGN – Westerns [Don’t Be Afraid]
Truss – Ganymede (Skirt Remix) [Perc Trax]
Chairman Kato – No Dice [Shades Of Grey]
Jabu – Limbs [Astro:Dynamics]
The Orb (feat. Lee Scratch Perry) – Ashes [Cooking Vinyl]
Rhythm & Sound with Paul St. Hilaire – Jah Rule [Burial Mix]
Porya Hatami – Spin [Nephogram]
Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin – Vaccination [Software Records]
Emptyset – Armature [Raster-Noton]
Bardo Pond – The Cawl [Latitudes]
Two Dogs In A House – Eliminator II [L.I.E.S.]