Awkward Movements NTS Show 25.6.12

Maybe a touch late on this one, but one of the best we’ve thrown up all the same. Starting the week of 25/6, and for the month of July, Kamikaze is holding it down solo for Awkward Movements on NTS. The latest one went live only a  few days ago, so after you’re done with this check back for more.

Two hours of proper quality from his collection, riding the experimental electronic, classic and world music tip in the way that only he does. New stuff from Avian, KTL, Heatsick and that killer plate offered up by Jahiliyya Fields on L.I.E.S, as well as a revisit to the Moroccan Reveries compilation we spoke about the other day, some blues from Howlin Wolf and Cab Calloway, and the obligatory dip in to the Muslimgauze catalogue among loads of others.

Hope you dig.

Muslimgauze – Your Snake Charm [Staalplaat]
Kelan Philip Cohran & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Frankincense + Myrrh [Honest Jon’s]
Jahiliyya Fields – Air On Earth [L.I.E.S.]
Can – Millionspiel [Mute]
Abu Wafsi – Deg Deg Dagdeglo [Sham Palace]
Jemma el Fna – Snake Charmers, Water Sellers [Sublime Frequencies]
Romke De Waard – Organ-Opheide [Grammafoonplaten Maatschappij]
MPIA3 – Casual Welding [Avian]
Howlin’ Wolf – Shake For Me [Chess]
Cab Calloway – Reefer Man [Trikont]
Heatsick – No Fixed Adress [Pan]
Mustapha Tettey Addy – Ga Gongs [Lyrichord]
Rosa Eskenazi – Mes Tu Zambikou ton Teke [Trikont]
Refki Taho, Hysen Zizolli, Ahmet Metolli – Kaba Vence [Topic]
KTL – Study A [Editions Mego]
Barker & Baumecker – A Murder Of Crows Part 2 [Ost Gut Ton]
Oneohtrix Point Never – Up [Sony]
David Orphan – Spell 1 [Pre-Cert Home Entertainment]
Regis – Blood Witness [Blackest Ever Black]