Awkward Movements NTS Show – 20.8.12

Paul Ackroyd back in rotation for Awkward Movements on NTS, doing it live out of the HQ in Dalston where the studio’s been refurbed and by all accounts things are looking tight. Taking it back to the roots, Paul pulled out a drum special, managing to include the new Powell, Anworth Kirk and the recently discovered but earlier released The Durian Brothers plate which were still vibing off intensely. Download or stream below, underneath the tracklist, and make sure you’re locked for the next show going out next Monday, 3/9 2-4pm.

Bit of a drum special recorded for Awkward Movements on NTS, Monday 20th August. Loads of tribal stuff, some techno, and a bunch of other drum stuff too. Wicked tracks throughout.

Mark Fell & Peter Rehberg – Zikir [Editions Mego]
Kyuma – Drum Ensemble from Uganda [Sharp Wood]
Powell – Body Music [Diagonal]
Nyanza – Rukina [Rounder]
Cook Islands National Arts Theatre – Untitled [Unknown]
Rrose – The Surgeon General (No Child Left Bare) [Eaux 191]
Six Boys In Trouble – Bo Diddlie [Smithsonian]
Group 180 – Music For Pieces Of Wood [Unknown]
Domingo Cura – La Trunca Norte [Em]
Mamoud & Abdellah Ghania – Tseuheur/Chehade [Sublime Frequencies]
The Durian Brothers – Hamigokakiko [Diskant]
Anworth Kirk – Follicular Ambrosia [Per-Cert Home Entertainment]
Miles – Primer [Modern Love]
Se Ayizan Mwen Mande – St Jacques Barn Voodoo Song [Harte]
Unidentified Performers – Jeboua Stick Dance [Unknown]
Zero Kama – Hassan I Sabbah [Permis De Construire]
Mustapha Tettey Addy – Kpan Logo Drums & Songs [Lyrichord]
Marcel Dettmann – Landscape [Music Man]
Mayogo – Congo Bereji [Sharp Wood]
Sid Hemphil Band – The Sidewalks Of New York [Sutro Park]
Muslimgauze – Iqbal Singh Will Tattoo You [Staalplaat]