Awkward Movements NTS Show 11.6.12

Headed out of the country for a few months and then to the other side of the world means that last Monday was the last time I’m going live in the NTS studio for the foreseeable future. Hopefully not the last time being transmitted though, watch this space. Do lock in for the last show of June though and till the end of June, Kamikaze will be holding it down solo.

So many records unplayed, but we did manage to get some heat in to the last two hours, including opening with Bento (Scott Fraser’s Decompression Dub), the new plate from Semtek that’s just dropped. Mark Fell, Dobie and Mix Mup serve up new tracks alongside joints from the NNA, Mordant Music and M=Minimal labels. Hope you dig.

Semtek – Bento (Scott Fraser’s Decompression Dub) [forthcoming Awkward Movements]
Sensate Focus (Mark Fell) – X (Sensate Focus 5) [Sensate Focus]
Dobie – E 2 DA P [Big Dada]
Mix Mup – Tunnels [Mikrodisko]
DJ Clent – 3rd World [Blank Mind]
Jemma el Fna – Snake Charmers, Water Sellers / Dahven [Sublime Frequencies]
Senking – The Dance Hall Walk [Raster-Noton]
Matthew Herbert – November (Micachu remix) [Accidental]
Elektro Guzzi – Saftgulash [La Casa Encendida]
Adapta – EP 2 (B2) [Brutalist Sunset]
Conrad Schnitzler – Zug (Reshaped By Pole ) [M=Minimal]
Four Tet – Jupiters [Text Records]
Eli Keszler – Mired 3 [NNA Tapes]
Mordant Music – Post-Mortem [Mordant Music]
PS Stamps Back & Olekranon – Bunker [Inam Records]
Death Grips – System Blower [Epic]
Matmos – Exclusively Polygamist! [La Casa Encendida]
Plinth – Pinned Butterflies [Time Released Sound]
The Durian Brothers – Hamigokakiko [Diskant]
Goliath – King & Queen [Frustrated Funk]
I:Cube – Popular Electronics [Versatile]