Awkward Movements NTS Radio Show 14.5.12

Going solo for the last time on NTS, had a mad live radio session. Mostly new joints from the likes of Poborsk, Violet Shaped, Suum Cuique and Peaking Lights we also went through some classics from Sweet Exorcist and Boo Williams. Despite his absence Paul also managed to hook me with a tape rip of Laurel Halo from last year, some Muslimgauze and the super collaboration that was Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Ghedalia Tazartes on the same 90 seconds of track.

Out to all who tuned in. We’ll both be in the studio for the first time in a while next Monday, 2-4pm on NTS, make sure you get locked.

Sweet Exorcist – Testone [Warp Records]
NKC – Shockout (Maddslinky remix) [Awkward Movements]
Bass Clef – Ghost Kicks In The Spiral [Punch Drunk]
Claro Intelecto – Night Of The Maniac [Delsin]
Dictaphone – Maelbeek [Sonic Pieces]
CultVinyl13 – The Driller Killer [Cult Vinyl]
PS Stamps Back & Olekranon – There Is Nothing To Be (When You Grow Up) [Inam Records]
Peaking Lights – LO HI [forthcoming Weirld World]
Laurel Halo – Heuristic Gag Factor [NNA Tapes]
Violetshaped – Skull In The Cellar [Violet Poison]
Suum Cuique – Kuiper Anomaly [Modern Love]
Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Ghedalia Tazartes – Human Bones [Sub Rosa]
Muslimgauze – Uzi Mahmood 6 [Soleilmoon Recordings]
Shifted – Colours Of The Fall [Mote Evolver]
Atom TM – Schneewalzer Epilog [Raster Noton]
Lily – Dollen Haze [Spargel Trax]
Teishi-1 – Swimming Bells [First Second]
Poborsk – Cosmos Suit [Icasea]
The Tuss – GX1 Solo [Rephlex]
Shackelton – Seven Present Tenses [Woe! To The Septic Heart]
oOoOO – Trytry [Tri Angle]
Special Request (Paul Woolford) – Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix) [Special Request]
Sølyst – Cape Fear [Bureau B]
Vakula – Bug Powder [Leleka]
Chris Moss Acid – Lynchett Matravers [030303]
Boo Williams – Flashback [PND]