AWK006 Design – Joe Melhuish

Though Daojia’sRiego Street‘ is still heading out to stores, thought we’d get in early and share a little information on what’s coming after. Namely, the design behind our sixth release dropping in a few weeks time.

NKC is returning to Awkward Movements, bringing some proper anthemic love. Two new tracks backed with heavyweight remixes from the one Maddslinky and Lampuka Records / Basic Famous fam Raimo. Officially out 7/5, you can currently pre-order from Bleep or Redeye, or head over to the distributor’s page – – for press release and a bit more info. XLR8R and Yeti In The Basement have started early coverage, get in touch if you’d like early 320s for promo or radio play.



Much overdue shouts are due then to Joe Melhuish – an incredible designer I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting but who’s work with NKC instantly became the identity to the release. The more you stare in to the square (that soon after became a circle for the inners) the more complexity you see in the design, and how it all fits together beautifully, giving the 2 dimensional print a feeling of texture as well.

Found out that this was actually the second design he’d done for NKC, and the fact that the first was damn good as well prompted me to take a look at his blog alongside his Cargo Collective page. Some brilliant stuff on there, a few favourites reposted below.

Get in touch with Joe via his email, or from the links below, as always keen to reach out for new ideas.

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The Fukushima 50 were a group of Japanese workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant that in 2011 risked their lives to stabilize the plant and stop it from overheating when the tsunami hit.I designed these modern interpretations to reflect the style the old Japanese woodcuts depicting the 47 Ronin; a Japanese story of Samurais who sacrificed their lives in the name of honor.