AWK005 Sleeves & Stamping Video

Shot on iPhones and Flip cameras that were just occasionally left rolling, thought we’d get this up there as it’s started doing the rounds. Instead of just leaving the Soundcloud samples sitting at youtube with the centres we thought we’d give you some insight in to what went in to making the sleeves for the first press of Daojia’s Riego Street 12″. Out to Kamikaze and Nick for letting me use their yards to paint in, as we ended up going across five locations, cutting four stencils and using a lot more paint then planned. We’re well happy with the results.

Daojia – ‘Riego Street Dub’ / ‘Riego Street (Scan 7 Way Of The Se7en Mix)’ 12″ [Awkward Movements] from Awkward Movements on Vimeo.

The records should be hitting physical stores this week, for an official release date of 2/4/12. To clarify it is only the first press we’ve done in these sleeves, don’t sleep.