AWK005 Design Pics

We’ve been staying tight on this release, but couldn’t resist giving Juno Plus a peak in ahead of the Riego Street 12″ release date. And whilst keeping this close to our chest, we’ve got digital 320s available for radio or coverage, so get in touch if you want to get a hold of them early.

via Juno Plus

Fledgling London based imprint Awkward Movements has unveiled its fifth release, a lovingly presented 12″ from Daojia featuring a remix from legendary Detroit techno outfit Scan 7.

The EP is due out early next month and comes housed in some pretty unique sleeves, with each record wrapped in individually hand sprayed and stamped artwork. The first press will come in the sleeves you see above, while the second batch will be housed in white sleeves with centre stamps.

Successfully tapping up the mysterious Detroit based bastion of anonymous techno Scan 7 (fronted by ‘Trackmasta’ Lou Robinson) is an inestimable coup. It also serves as another example of the label’s adventurous A&R policy, which saw Andres and Ekoplekz on remixing duties for last year’s Chairman Kato 12″. The original material comes from Edinburgh based producer Daojia, perhaps best known around the city’s night scene for helping build a Electrikal 26k Soundsystem.

Label chief Keith Pettinger offered Juno Plus some insight into the arduous process behind making the record sleeves, saying it involved “lots of cans of spraypaint, many hours inhaling fumes, four broken stencils and a few location changes due to bad weather, but it was fun”.

Awkward Movements will release Riego Street Dub by Daojia on April 2, 2012.


1. Riego Street (Scan7 Way Of The Se7en Mix)
2. Riego Street (Dub)

While we’re on topic seemed like a good excuse to throw up some other pics of recent weeks, from cutting stencils to designs that didn’t make it and a few of the three locations we painted at. We’ve got a surprising amount of footage that might even turn in to a video or something.