ASC – ‘Droids’ / ‘Never Enough’ [Samurai Red Seal]

Maybe there’s been a bit of a knock-on effect here, having rinsed the Plug LP since its release and finally taking time to fill the gaps in my collection of Rockwell releases. Have to give a quick shout then to a dnb record that arrived on promo and has been kicking itself round in my head for a good few hours after listening. Need this on wax.

It’s the new plate from one ASC, who’s body of work I’m finding out to be mostly ignorant of, having only picked up his releases on Nonplus and Exit Records to date. As it happens ASC has had a ton of material out recently and this newest two-tracker on Samurai Red Seal has properly grabbed my attention. Originally scheduled for a late 2011 release the Droids / Never Enough package has just dropped this week, and is quite a stunning offering.

Both tracks here are equally brilliant, similar in style and relentless in their flow and structure that combine for heavily addictive and hypnotic listening. Tech-influenced and clinical in their delivery, really looking forward to playing these out. Looking forward to getting through the rest of his catalogue too.

Boomkat got it pretty spot on in their short and sweet review; check what they said below, stream below that.

New Zealand’s Samurai Red Seal find ASC in limber form on two excellent hardsteppers. Frontside ‘Droid’ is all tendon-twitching syncopation anchored by inverted kicks and massive subbass; a genuine future junglist roller if we’ve heard one. Flipside ‘Never Enough’ sustains the pressure with body-orchestrating steppers’ drums inna hyper-cyber soundsphere. You know what we mean, yeah? Dead good, this!