Appointment UK

This is some proper raw house, the type that we’re in love with at the moment. Out to Nicole who was pumping this in Sounds Of The Universe definitely turning a few heads with it’s brutality, making us look a bit deeper.

New tracks on vinyl only release from the artist(s) and label known as Appointment Records – the combined efforts of Lucretio and Marieu aka The Analogue Cops alongside Emg and John Swing aka Live Jam. As well as their own individual labels Lucretio (Machines State) and Marieu (Enlightened Wax) are best known as the heads behind Restoration Records, who teamed up with Eduardo De La Calle in their early days for some oft-underrated joints.

Probably first on the release radar for two big remixes for a Moodymann classic, Appointment have just dropped their fifth 12″, that (as you can read below) is designed to ‘push vinyl properties to their thermodynamical limits.’

Four tracks, raw, untitled and delivered on hand-stamped platters to shatter a deck or two. Limited, so get on them before they sell out. This is proper house that skates across techno for the dirty, unhinged underground heads…get on that ish. Press release below and some samples (the only embeddable ones I could find) under that.

via Clone
‘Hard-edged, hefty, raw: “Reconstruction” was produced in London on a swift intense single day of recordings and mastered at The Carvery in the same week directly from a saturated tape without any compression or limiting, pushing the vinyl properties to their thermodynamical limits. 

The 4 advanced tracks walk through techno and house territories, merging U.K. and German tradition with an american approach to the analogue mixing desk. The point of impact of these compositions goes beyond minimalism and hits straight on the dancefloor.’