Anti-G – ‘Kush In Da Sound’ EP [Rwina Records]

Finally got this on the deck after it dropped a few weeks back, making it the first Rwina Records plate that’s worked it’s way in to my collection strangely enough. I also slept on Anti-G’s debut LP on Planet Mu a few years back, though for the life of me can’t remember why – definitely have to revisit that one given how big this EP is.

What we get is six tracks of no bullshit tough riddims that surf a hardstyle mutant carnival vibe from start to finish, with more than enough bent electronics and odd tangents to keep the chinstroke massive happy with the end result.

Touted as being at the forefront of ‘Dutch bubble music’, Kush In Da Sound is a record you can imagine coming to from a countless number of musical paths. The sounds used aren’t super new, but the Dutch producer has drawn the samples and kits from across the broadest range of warehouse rave vibes out there, and thrown altogether the result is amazing.

About a half an hour of coherent bass led burners that would destroy a system here. Elements of funky, grime, footwork, kuedo and reggaeton – the type of mixing pot that wouldn’t sound right unless in an expert producer’s hands, and Anti-G’s got it spot-on with this one.

There’s an unspoken element here that reminds me of Wen, in that there’s a unique ability to create both live pirate radio styles and polished underground flow in to a track without the help of an MC and without being repetitive.

It’s out on wax at all good stores including RwdFwd, Boomkat, Juno and Norman Records, with the digital available straight from the Rwina Records bandcamp page. Not seen a press release kicking about but there’s a few sample tracks below.