Anthony Naples – ‘Zipacon’ EP [The Trilogy Tapes]

Strange that we’ve not shouted out Anthony Naples more, especially as the young New York producer has delivered some cracking plates right up our alley, often talked about over deck sessions. I’ve happened to catch the guy live as well, spinning records on a few occasions in London, walking away well-impressed with selections both times. After a few months off from releasing, Naples returns in proper form with this four-track 12″, his first release of 2014, and it was well worth the wait.

It’s not even two years since Naples even stepped up with the Mad Disrespect 12″ on Mister Saturday Night, the debut wax from both artist and label that instantly set a benchmark. 2013 brought on four more plates, not a bad one among them, with two particular standouts coming on Rubadub’s nameless stamped series with RAD-AN1 and the El Portal EP on Will Bankhead’s ever-good The Trilogy Tapes label.

In a shorter time then most Naples has earned a stellar reputation for throwing up plate that light the dance floor, always good for a piece of play out house in the left-of-norm vein. His second plate on TTT does, in many ways, pick up where the last one left off. Tidy and spacious, there’s two cuts of practically perfect house with in ‘Perro’ and ‘More Problem’, beyond functional and in to a hypnotic-floor space with room to breathe. No doubt they’ll be finding their ways in to a load of sets in the coming months.

The title track pushes the boat out a bit more, making things slightly more tech and fuzz while slowing it down, and alongside ‘Crazy Spirit’ is really what makes this a plate you can’t go past. ‘Crazy Spirit’ in particular with Naples throwing up off-kilter oscillation loops across electronic warehouse drums. Naples has got live instrument skill, and it comes through audibly in these two tracks, with an ear how complex layers can work together without being perfectly in sync to a house-music template.

No press release we’ve seen kicking around, but you can check two of the stand-out tracks below.

Head over to Norman Records for more info or to grab a copy when you’re ready: