Andy Blake – ‘Slazenger’s Bump’ / ‘Sticky’ [Jack Off]

It seems every time I start getting bored of new house wax Andy Blake steps up with something stupidly heavy.

Andy’s output as a producer is almost as consistently dope as what he does curating labels, the best known of which would be Dissident, the ultra-limited, wax only imprint that clocked up over sixty releases in it’s short lifespan of 2007 – 2009. Spawned from the party of the same name – which itself is underground famed for the the diversity of styles the residents drop – Blake then moved on heading up the World Unknown label, and in between there found time for In Plain Sight, which debuted with four records released last year. Man keeps busy, and has an ear for quality music.

My proper initiation to Blake’s output as a producer wasn’t until the Cave Paintings series, released on the Cave Paintings label and consisting exclusively of Andy Blake workings. The title reflects “the primitive and raw nature of the music” – alluding to the fact that the tracks were created in an all analogue, computer free environment. Four wax only limited plates that stayed true to their “no digital” release notes, each one a floor-weapon, but stretched out in to full songs as well. Don’t leave home without at least one in the bag.

The new plate is fire. More stripped down sounds layered with enough room to breathe, put together with that proper house bump. Nothing we like more than house music that evolves on it’s own, sounding natural as it builds up and drops down, introducing and ripping away new elements, leaving space for the original sounds where you didn’t hear it before. At over eight and nine minutes respectively, ‘Sticky’ and ‘Slazenger’s Bump’ both bring it all together and deliver exactly what we wanted. Brutal in it’s experimentation of analogue sounds twisted to cohesion, this is just quality, raw house music we want more of. For fans of Appointment and Semtek definitely, and the whole Andy Weatherall and Scott Fraser camp should already be on this.

Stream samples via Jack Off below, get it before it flies.