Alternative Electronic Hurricane Sandy Storm Playlist‏

Always timely and on point Jimmy Monsta Funk steps in with a playlist for friends and fam stateside to sit out the storm. Not sure how Storm Queen got left out but the Incognito joint more than makes up for it, listen in order if you can. No gimmick here, just an opportunity for a proper electronic journey in these selections, complete with a message from JMF dropped in to my inbox a few moments ago with the soundtrack for what’s ahead.

Having spent the last 24 hours storm chasing on Twitter and various other websites, I’ve noticed a number of articles relating to musical playlists for Hurricane Sandy.

Very few feature any electronic tracks (even in the viewer comments), so here is an alternative electronic playlist that covers everything from the preparations to the aftermath.

Whilst putting this together is a bit of fun we do not take lightly what has gone on and is going on in the Caribbean and across the Eastern Seaboard of North America.

To our readers in these locations, stay safe!


JimmyMonstaFunk & the Awkward Movements Crew