Alex Cortex – ‘Raw’ EP [KILLEKILL]

Proper stunning EP this, from a name that we’ve not shouted out before, released on a label that we definitely don’t check enough. Analogue techno that can make us reminisce to 90s computer games and futurism movies is a form of perfection. It doesn’t hurt that all three tracks on Raw are solid floor-destroyers too. This is actually a standard for the producer / DJ, keeping it leftfield and evolving but producing solid playout tunes.

With a catalogue going back to 1996, Alex Cortex is a staple in the German underground scene. Associated with everything from solid techno to rough house to disco-tinged 4/4 to scoring films to electronica fuelled funk; Mr Cortex can do it all. We’ve not seen the live show, but as well as being a dope DJ evidently he can go live (as in proper ‘live’) dropping originals and edits. Like a lot of the record buying community we first clocked on to him through the raw floor-oriented vibes of Bad Cop Bad Cop a banging project with Lopazz.

In fact it was a Bad Cop Bad Cop release that christened the Berlin based Killekill label. Number two release was a solo project from Cortex, and now with Killekill release number nine he’s returned once more, offering up some tracks from the vaults of 1998-2000, including a live recording. Worth mentioning that these are limited; hand numbered to 300, pressed on green transparent wax and arriving in a plastic sleeve with a cool ‘KILLEKILL” sticker.

Press release below with tracks embedded underneath that. I’m not sure if Alex or Killekill are tied to The29Nov production company, but they’ve come up with some pretty slick videos for the youtube channel.

KILLEKILL 009 comes from ALEX CORTEX again. A techno personality that shouldn’t need no introduction.
We are happy and proud to release some of his vintage material recorded in the years 1998-2000, raw and substantial.
With Future Acid the A-Side features a bomb acid track recorded live at the legendary HD800 club in Mannheim, which displays the raw power of Alex’ live sets.
The B-Side features R-BYTE, a minimalistic Chicago-style stomper and MEM, a hood-like abstract and minimalistic techno piece.