‘AK’ – New Short Film From Michael Chandler

Big ups Michael Chandler each and every way. Teaming up with Wilderness Films, Michael Chandler (aka The Furious) was the new talent that dropped the incredible Stay Sailing on us in the backend of 2010. If you missed the pirate radio documentary during it’s limited-release capacity first time around, the good news is that the entire thing is now available online, constantly getting more relevant as the FM switch-of date gets closer. Check it out here: https://awkmo.co/stay-sailing-pirate-radio-documentary

We spoke to Michael at the time and were genuinely blown away not just by his talent in the film medium, but how much he cares about his subjects and the messages he’s putting forward. Michael also does a host of work with charities, self-funding most of his production work with cash saved up over time.

18 months on from that and Michael Chandler’s preparing the release of AK, a short-drama starring musician / actor Julian Sandi. Julian plays the title role of AK, a Sierra Leonean who survived and lived through the conflict of his own country, now a student in London, mentally lost due to his unavoidable past.

Home is Sierra Leone; now a long way away.
As distant memories merge with past demons, AK’s hopes for the future start to crack.
Not everything is better here.

This time around the pre-game chat honours went to Little White Lies, who did a much better job than we could have done. Check the interview here: http://www.littlewhitelies.co.uk/features/articles/ak-21401

From the creation aspect AK is a proper accomplishment in guerilla film-making. From what we’ve seen thus far Michael’s done an amazing job, the quality of the end product not at all representative of the minimal budget he was working with. Story and star details below, sums things up pretty nicely.

via Wilderness Films
‘AK” is the new short drama about a young Sierra Leonean man, who lived through the conflict as both victim and perpetrator, and now finds himself in a foreign land, London, as a student.

Lost and alienated and surrounded by sympathetic people who really don’t have any understanding of what he has experienced, AK’s mind starts to blur the lines between the past and the present. AK slowly loses grip on reality despite regular phone calls home to his sister, FA (Fatmata). One morning, following a run in with some youth the night before, AK reads of a double murder in the newspaper and fears that he is responsible. And AK becomes increasingly haunted and tormented by his ‘debul’, which increasingly threaten his hopes, goals and dreams.

Starring up-and-coming Sierra Leonean actor and musician Julian Sandi and featuring great performances from young people from the east London Think Big project and up-and-coming actors. ‘AK’ is an imaginative exploration of isolation and post traumatic stress, mixing drama, thriller, dance and fantasy, and combines English and Krio languages throughout. An innovative and exciting film about chasing aspirations and holding onto reality in the face of alienation and trauma.

Stay locked to the film’s twitter account (@AKShortFilm) and official site (http://akshortfilm.com/) for more info and when screenings will start. Best of all though is the site’s facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/AKshortfilm) where the dope behind-the-scenes and on location photos live. The whole thing’s pretty damn inspirational.

As an added bonus the music for the film was produced by Manchester’s Xander Project, which you can stream below.