Ahnnu and Ohbliv – ‘Family Jams Vol. 3’ Cassette [Rap Vacation]

Dropped back in May I’ve only just gotten around to listening to this cassette from Rap Vacation and can’t believe there’s still some left at their store. One side to Ahnnu and one to Ohbliv, 15 minutes a piece, the beatsmiths turn out some incredibly dope tuneage.

Neither producer let’s a tune play for long, but as you’d expect they focus on manipulated loops and samples pulled out of their original recordings and built anew within a set. Ohbliv’s ‘Bradford’s side’ kills it, keeping it soulful and smooth with some of the slower baby making jams.

And Ahnnu…damn, he’s just on another level. His dusty, raw, semi-tribal production style comes through even on this mix – ‘Leland’s side’. Nothing here seems on a regular beat but somehow is still proper headnod music.

No track list, and the few samples I did spot aren’t even worth mentioning. Limited to 200 cassettes, complete with download and cool artwork from Munguni.