Active Vectors – ‘Lost & Found’ K7 Cassette [Fullfridge Music]

Coming in an addition of 50 only, our friends over at the FullFridge Music label have just dropped their first foray in to the cassette tape format, with a quality release. Based in the French Alps, the FullFridge crew have been on our radar for a while now, regularly dropping releases from an ever impressive roster and some crazy good remixes to accompany on a regular basis.

Probably worth mentioning here that with recent exception in to physical product, they’ve run as a free digi-label for the most part. You can just head on over to their site and download wavs or mp3s with bios and artworks, and the quality of music is right up there. Below you can check the Archie Pelago remix of HGLDT’s ‘Fight / Flight’ which came out on the back end of 2012, which I remember listening to on repeat as one of the best thing’s I’d heard in time.

They run a pretty slick operation, and I’m not even ashamed to admit that I (unsuccessfully) tried to make my own Fullfridge Milkpack:

Active Vectors is the collaborative name of Mr Casual and Synaptic, working together out of Paris since 2004, with Lost & Found being the collection of their personal dubs, pulled together for the cassette. It’s a wicked release of early funky styles and sharp, club-bass music sewn up as an hour long mix, with twenty tracks from the dub box split across both sides.

Side A is simply categorised by ‘130 Or Not’ with Side B moving it to ‘160 & Around’. Despite two new exclusives adding to the dub collections on display, the real excitement is just sticking this on and letting it play right out on both sides.

No press release to speak of, only a 3 minute preview of the hour-long affair below and the two exclusive cuts for stream. Like we said, edition of 50, so move fast.