ACI_EDITS – ‘/​​​07’ Cassette [/\Aught]

In the short time since it’s inception last year, /Aught has fast become one of my favourite new labels. Consistently outstanding lo-fi house presented on sharp looking clear cassette in a poly bag, selling out way too fast for me to have the whole collection to date, Aught have a distinct sound they want to push out, and they do it exceptionally well.

The faceless nameless aesthetic makes the physical appealing, but also puts more focus on the tunes, of which the quality to date has been incredible.

We came in at the second release, from Topdown Dialectic, who’s been on the radar for a while and continues to peak interest. However, the crowning jewel in the six deep catalogue for us is last year’s offering from Aci_Edits, who served up five tracks of dusty house vibes across thirty minutes of tape.

Stoked then to be talking about the follow-up, officially out this Monday. More of what we loved on /4, possibly even fired up another notch. Hazed-out heads-down saturated house pieces, further out there then what you’ll find normally, but with a touch of delirious danceability about them.

Proper raw electronic house music, leftfield and battered. Absolutely love it.

Not purchasable until the 18th of May, but wanted to spread the work about this for all those that dig the format, as these releases don’t tend to stick-around nowadays. Previews below, and keep an eye out here to grab it when it drops: