Acid Pattern Group – ‘August Acid Pattern’ Free Download

Very cool concept here, aided by the 1.5 hours of audio example they’re giving away as part of this month’s download package. Acid Pattern Group is an ever growing collective that submit original compositions each month based on a user created pattern of a 303 template. See below for the guidelines they use for the group and the pattern they used for August. If you’re not familiar with the tools you should check out the 303 documentary we posted up here a little while ago:

via Acid Pattern Group
The Acid Pattern Group is a bunch of acid, techno and general music enthusiasts who each month share renditions of an acid pattern.

Each month one of the group members submits a tb303 pattern for everyone to load into their 303, x0xb0x’s or soft synths to make some acid.

The pattern can then be programmed into your tb303 or x0x box to create a new track. The pattern could be programmed into your vst such as ABL or Phoscoyn to create a new track. Transcribe the pattern to midi and send it to your favourite synth to create a new track. Grab the audio file and rework the audio into a new track.

Then post your finished track or jam into the Acid Pattern Group

Melbourne based DyLab was (of course!) one of the main driving force behind the group coming together and as far as I know is still the main moderator. I know we’ve said this before but if you’re not already hanging out on the Acid Box Blues site you should definitely fix that up or at least check in there occasionally. He also smashed the hell out of his last Awkward Movements Sessions, well worth a listen.

Looking at the group, you’ll find that some of the finest acid heads and gear wizards we’ve come across are involved, and the fact alone that they’ve been doing this monthly for over two years now deserves a shoutout.

They’ve kicked it up a notch this month with a bandcamp page seeing the light of day where you can download all the tracks offered up the August pattern. That’s 14 tracks from 13 artists (how did King Mental get in twice?!) done to a pattern created by Irmão Sem (the lovingly titled ‘In The Bunkerrrr’), and named with the theme of ‘tea.’ I’m still working my way through the 90 odd minutes of acid nastiness, the fact that everyone’s used the same building blocks and come out with totally different results makes it a damn interesting listen.

It’s going to be free downloads every month from here on in so make sure you bookmark this: