8-Bit Web Browser / Data Bwoy Sleeve

First up, gotta say mad props to Zolton and crew at Lost at E Minor for their weekly mailouts – of which this particular browser item was included. Especially if you’re in to art and design get on the mailing list as they properly dig up bits and pieces that are not only amazing and need sharing but also you won’t find anywhere else. They work hard for it and the end result is my favourite weekly mailout. It goes a hell of a lot deeper than web browsers,  sign up and you’ll see what I mean. 

This may be one of these things I look at tomorrow and wonder why it brought me so much joy at the time. But that’s another day, as right now I’m a strict convert to the 8-bit browser.

Created by Neven Mrgan it pretty much does what it says on the tin. A free web-browser named Pixelfari that views the glorious world wide web in 8-bit. Does this count as taking it back? You can download it here.

via Neven Mrgan
Ladies and gents, fellow humans — presenting Pixelfari, a pixely, 8-bitty version of everyone’s favorite browser. Enjoy chunky fonts, blocky graphics, and a general sense of giddy inefficiency. Spearheaded by yours truly and developed by a very clever friend. Free+fun!

As well as bringing back floods of NES memories, it also reminded me of one of my favourite record sleeves of all time, that dropped as recently as 2008 on Eat Concrete, //dATA-BWoY. A D-Frost Beats project (one-half of Hearin’ Aid) the music’s as dope as you’d expect too. I had a bit of a dig around but couldn’t find who was responsible for the design of it. Part Megaman part Tron, that character on the front and his boombox on the back is just ill.