40 Years Of Hip-Hop with Afrika Bambaataa @ The Total Refreshment Center – Shots via Phomandark

Been a while since we heard from Timmy K aka Phomandark on the photographic tip, but it was well worth the wait. With camera in hand he headed down to shoot Afrika Bambaataa and crew on their ’40 Years of Hip-Hop’ tour, double billed as the ‘41st Anniversary of Zulu Nation‘.

From djembe drummers opening the affair through a load of guest DJs and emcees, Floor Rippers lighting it up on the breakdance side of things and a live breaks band; all stops were pulled out in the lead-up to Bambaataa running the decks. Hip-hop royalty delivering in proper form.

We’ve pulled a few favourites below, and check out the full uploaded collection here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/timkantoch/sets/72157647178892323

Big ups Timmy K, awesome work as always, best man with a camera we know. In an era where it seems almost every other scratch head in London is boasting a claim of Zulu Nation affiliation, Tim’s photos have captured the energetic and pure vibe of what it actually means. It’s not about a necklace, it’s all about Bam’s message through hip-hop, strengthening the culture.

Feel free to reach out for his details or for reproducing and we can put you in touch.