27 Record Reviews

Massive email from Kamikaze, who’s thrown up some words on each of the records Kamikaze DJs dropped on the last Awkward Movements Sessions for Samurai.fm, which, if you’ve slept on to date, you can get at below.

DVA/Fatima – Just Vybe (Soule Power Mix) [Hyperdub]

 Back at the front end of this year, DVA dropped the killer dance hit Natty, and has now enlisted the vocal talents of Fatima to give the tune a timely refresh.  Barely recognisable from the version we all know and love, though retaining all the magic, this is one of those tunes that isn’t going to get old anytime soon…

Shake – The Fake Left, Go Right Plan [Rush Hour]

We’re relative latecomers to Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, but since the Frictionalism compilation dropped a few months back we’ve been totally hooked.  This is from another of the four-track 12″s Rush Hour are kindly putting out covering a lot of tunes we’ve missed over the years.  He’s back next year with a huge stack of new material, we’re told.  Definitely something to look forward to…

Skudge – Mirage [Skudge]

Swedish techno heads Skudge return with Skudge003.  Following on from the excellent remix package last month, Mirage is the b-side of Overture.

Cooly G – Up In My Head [Hyperdub]

The welcome return of Cooly G, following a couple of wicked tunes last year for Hyperdub.  Nobody does drums like this girl.  Apparently she’s quite entertaining on Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing…

PUDGE – Everything To Me [Ramp]

 PUDGE first pricked my ears up at the end of last year with their contribution to the ultra-limited Ramp Records 6-track compilation.  I forget what the track was called now, but something about stars in the night sky or something.  And then there was something on Beat Dimensions Volume 2.  And then of course they were gifted one half of the first of those All City Los Angeles 10″s, and that’s where it all came together for me.  If you’re yet to hear his work, this guy has a pretty diverse and interesting take on the wonky scene, adopting more of a collage approach to the sound, but not in the same way that matthewdavid does it.  Hard to describe, but an excellent album.  Sounds like falling asleep in front of the telly, and nicely pressed up on double 45rpm vinyl.

Tortoise – Rubiyat [Commons]

A very welcome return from Tortoise.  To be honest we’ve no idea what they’ve been up to since Standards came out, and we’d forgotten all about them.  This 4-track EP came out in May, but is only available in Japan so took a little while to reach us.  Very pleased to have them back.

Guiseppe Ielasi – (A1) [Minority]

Italian electro-acoustician Guiseppe Ielasi with a timely re-issue of his 2008 album Aix.  Originally available on CD, this time it’s out on clear vinyl.  He’s recently put out a new album called Tools, but we’re yet to check that out yet.  Next time…

Collapsoft – Secretary Hole [Icasea

I don’t really bother with label samplers much, but this one was well worth the effort.  Icasea is a new label, run between Japan and the UK, and Audio Data Bank outlines their intentions nicely.  18 tracks across the IDM spectrum, featuring corkers from S>>D, Team Doyobi, Poborsk, Seesaw, and a load more.  Collapsoft is Japanese, but beyond that we can tell you precious little.  Very much looking forward to more from the label.

Demdike Stare – Matilda’s Dream [Modern Love]

Earlier in the year Demdike Stare dropped Forest of Evil, which very quickly became my record of the year, for what that’s worth.  It was as if they read my mind and decided to record my perfect record.  It had soundtrack/tapemusic stuff, dubby techno, minimal house, and beautiful strings in equal measures.  That was the first of a trilogy of albums for 2010, and Liberation Through Hearing is part two.  I had ludicrously high standards for this record after their previous offering, but it certainly didn’t disappoint.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  This lot just make beautiful music.  My apologies in advance because I’ll be hammering this record over the next couple of shows.

North Manc Beds – Rhydim Or Rhydme [Skam]

Skam have been a little quiet of late.  I can’t remember seeing anything from the label since the Team Doyobi and Mr 76ix EPs last summer, but they’re back with an absolute corker.  North Manc Beds are the new Gescom, in that it’s a collective of existing Skam artists, from what I can make out.  No idea which ones though.  In fact a quick squizz at their website informs me that North Manc Beds is short for the North Manchester Bedroom Allstars, and that they are in fact a collection of humans with bedrooms.  Six tracks on this EP, and a lovely acetate of a power station.  Move quick if you want it though, only about 300 copies of this in circulation.

Actress – Git It [White]

 We’re always happy to hear new Actress tracks, because they’re always good, simple as.  This track’s from the XLR8R blog, and I think might have been an outtake from the Hazyville album, though we could be wrong in saying that.  Just picked up his new remix of Kode 9, so expect to hear that one in the next show.

Walls – Burnt Sienna [Kompakt]

Beautiful track from this London collective.  Not what you’d traditionally expect to hear on Kompakt, but a very strong release nonetheless.  Plenty of gigs coming up, check their myspace for details.

Hype Williams (A3) [Carnivals]

Elusive bunch, from Dalston if I’m not mistaken.  No track titles on this album, nor any mention of an artist name or anything on the record, but one of the freshest releases I’ve heard all year.  Peculiar stuff.

King Midas Sound/Pupajim – Frequencies [Hyperdub]

Brand new single from King Midas Sound, featuring the vocal talents of Pupajim.  Forthcoming on Hyperdub.

The Books – The Story Of Hip Hop [Temporary Residence]

New Yorkers The Books eventually follow up their 2005 debut album, Lost and Safe, with a new album called The Way Out.  I’d wondered if we’d ever hear anything new from them, and it was a pleasant surprise to see this one drop.  A lot more playful than it’s predecessor, and more eclectic an offering.  Very nice.

People Like Us & Wobbly – Bad News [Illegal Art]

Still totally incapable of putting this one down.  Must’ve crossed the 100 listens barrier for this album by now.  Really can’t recommend this one enough, and quite unlike any other record we’ve ever heard.

Deepchord Presents Echospace – Symbolism In Transition [Modern Love]

Lush minimal house soundscapes from Mr Deepchord.  Check out his news album, Liumin, for 160 minutes of the same.  Beautiful music.

Ramadanman – Grab Somebody [White]

Ramadanman continually surprises us over at Kamikaze Towers.  Many artists adhere to the trend of becoming progressively worse with each release, though Ramandanman does quite the opposite.  Was never too bothered by him in the early days, though 2010 has seen a glut of outstanding releases from Ramadanman, the latest of these being Grab Somebody.  Excellent work.

Cosmin TRG/Falty DL – St Mark’s [Rush Hour]

Rush Hour continue their year of fine releases with this 12″ remix swap between Cosmin TRG and Falty DL.

Wax – 30003 [White]

Mystery white label from the Wax camp.  Solid techno.

Al Tourettes and Appleblim – Lipsmacker [Aus]

Al Tourettes and Appleblim bring us one of the biggest hits of the year in the shape of Lipsmacker.

Jam City – Ecstasy Refix [Night Slugs]

A very pleasant surprise from the Night Slugs camp, this one.  Jam City recalls sounds of rave days gone by with Ecstasy Refix.  Looking forward to hearing more from this lad.

Lone – Angel Brain [Magic Wire]

Another old-skool-rave-esque anthem, and quite a lot livelier than we’re used to from Lone.  Good stuff.

DJ Nate – Ima Burn [Planet Mu]

Our first taster of the Chicago Footwork scene, this.  If you’re new to Footwork, check out a few of the videos on You Tube.  Astoundingly quick feet on some of these guys.  Nate album out now, will check that out by the next show.

Urban Tribe – Program 12 [Mahogoni]

Urban Tribe is a collaborative effort between Anthony Shake Shakir, Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr, and Sherard Ingram, and this is one of the strongest dance albums we’ve heard in years.  12 excellent tracks, all at different tempos and of different styles.  Expect more from this over the coming weeks on the show.

Pan Sonic and Keiji Haino – I Wonder If We Become Gods By Making Worse What Already Is [Blast First Petite]

Pan Sonic’s followup to their excellent Gravitoni album, this is a joint-offering with Japanese noise merchant Keiji Haino.  A peculiar album at times, but after a couple of listens it’s difficult to put it down.  Dark.

Shortstuff – Swine Time [Ramp]

Last, but by no means least, here’s Shortstuff.  A nice little series this one, the ever-reliable Ramp Recordings have delivered a three-part 10″ series called The Summer Of Shortstuff.  Since entering our consciousness early last year, this guy’s seriously not put a foot wrong, and he’s churned out the releases.  Always a pleasure to part with money for new Shortstuff releases.  Again, expect more from this series over the coming weeks.