15 Minutes With Aloe Blacc – The Good Things Interview

Hip-hop chameleon, multi-instrumentalist producer and soul singer Aloe Blacc smashed back on the scene bigger than ever this year, with ‘I Need A Dollar’ taking things to the next level. Recorded with members of The Expressions and El Michels Affair in session, the tune not only bridged the gap between the heads buying hip-hop and the collectors on the modern soul scene, but also got picked up by HBO without losing an ounce of credibility.

Throughout his projects, aliases and releases, Aloe’s been injecting sincerity in to everything he touches. The So-Cal native is known as one of those rare artists with the ability to keep the underground scene flowing, breathing in new influences with impeccable timing. For a big tip check his Emanon project with the often slept on Exile in partnership.

Aloe was in town promoting his new album Good Things which is dropping this month on Stones Throw, and was kind enough to sit down with me in the basement of a Phonica for a quick one-to-one. For the brief time we were chatting I wanted to learn how to sing. A more genuine man is hard to find, and he wears himself in his music.

The end result is below, interspersed with bits and pieces from the Good Things LP.
Stream or download from the Mixcloud wave below.